you must add the following line to your bitcoin.conf file:


I strongly recommend also adding:

rpcservertimeout=120 (not yet for Ravencoin)

If you see messages in your logs about truncated messages whilst syncing, you may need to increase the timeout (in seconds) further.

Version 1.11.0 RVN (20 JUN 2023)

  • Added subscriptions to various asset events

Version 1.10.0 RVN (12 JAN 2021)

  • Tweaked Restricted, Qualifier, and Broadcast message support

Version 1.20.0 (21 Oct 2021)

  • get blocks via the REST API from bitcoind, and process them incrementally and in a separate thread

  • support for TSC merkle proofs (AustEcon)

  • sockets tweak (rt1212121)

Version 1.19.2 RVN (4 OCT 2021)

  • Added Restricted Asset and Channel Asset support

Version 1.18.1 RVN (14 May 2021)

  • Added Ravencoin specific protocol

  • Added Ravencoin asset support

  • PUBKEYSIGs are now picked up by the server

Version 1.19.0 (11 Jun 2021)

  • disconnect excessive resource usage sessions faster (SomberNight)

  • better handling of task groups to reduce memory usage and report errors properly

  • add MAX_RECV environment variable defaulting to 5 million bytes

Version 1.18.1 (26 Apr 2021)

  • Fix unclean and stalled shutdowns

  • Cleanup lock handling

  • Process blocks one at a time

  • Remove dead code

Version 1.17.0 (04 Feb 2021)

  • Fix a couple of issues raised by pylint

Version 1.16.0 (03 Feb 2021)

  • Require Python 3.8.

  • Bitcoin only (BSV).

  • Disable resource limits for private sessions (ghost43).

  • Various bug fixes (jtarthur, ghost43) particularly in peer discovery.

  • other: AustEcon, Roger Taylor, Franco Benner

Version 1.15.0 (27 May 2020)

  • switch to 5-byte txnums to handle larger blockchains. Upgrade DBs during restart.

  • accurate clearing of stale caches

  • coin additions / updates: NavCoin + Hush + VersusCoin + Zero (cipig), DashRegtest (colmenero), Quebecoin (morinpa), Primecoin (Sunny King), multiple (Panagiotis David), RVN (standard-error), Sumcoin

  • other: Jeremy Rand, Jin Eguchi, ddude, Jonathan Cross, Carsen Klock, cipig

Version 1.14.0 (19 Jan 2020)

  • require Python 3.7

  • support for Bitcoin SV Genesis activation

  • DB upgrade to allow for larger transactions. Your DB will automatically upgrade when starting, the upgrade should take approximately 15 mintues.

  • fix server shutdown process

  • fix cache race condition (issue #909)

  • faster initial sync

  • coin additions / updates: Emercoin (yakimka), Feathercoin (wellenreiter01), Peercoin (peerchemist), Namecoin (JeremyRand), Zcoin (a-bezrukov), Simplicity, Mice (ComputerCraftr), Sibcoin testnet (TriKriSta), Odin (Manbearpixel),

  • other: h2o10, osagga, Sombernight, breign, pedr0-fr, wingsuit

Version 1.13.0 (26 Sep 2019)

  • daemon: use a single connection for all requests rather than a connection per request. Distinguish handling of JSON and HTTP errors

  • recognise OP_FALSE OP_RETURN scripts as unspendable

  • peers - attempt to bind to correct local IP address

  • improve name support (domob1812)

  • coin additions / updates: BitZeny (y-chan), ZCoin (a-bezrukov), Emercoin (yakimka), BSV (Roger Taylor), Bellcoin (streetcrypto7), Ritocoin (traysi), BTC (Sombernight), PIVX (mrcarlanthony), Monacoin (wakiyamap)), NamecoinRegtest (JeremyRand), Axe (ddude1), Xaya (domob1812), GZRO (MrNaif2018), Ravencoin (standard-error)

  • other: gits7r

Version 1.12.0 (13 May 2019)

  • require aiorpcX 0.18.1. This introduces websocket support. The environment variables changed accordingly; see SERVICES and REPORT_SERVICES.

  • work around bug in recent versions of uvloop

  • aiorpcX upgrade fixes from Shane M

  • coin additions / updates: BitcoinSV, Bolivarcoin (Jose Luis Estevez), BTC Testnet (ghost43), Odin (Pixxl)

Version 1.11.0 (18 Apr 2019)

  • require aiorpcX 0.15.x

  • require aiohttp 3.3 or higher; earlier versions had a problematic bug

  • add REQUEST_TIMEOUT and LOG_LEVEL environment variables

  • mark 4 old environment variables obsolete. ElectrumX won’t start until they are removed

  • getinfo local RPC cleaned up and shows more stats

  • miscellaneous fixes and improvements

  • more efficient handling of some RPC methods, particularly blockchain.transaction.get_merkle()

  • coin additions / updates: BitcoinSV scaling testnet (Roger Taylor), Dash (zebra lucky),

  • issues resolved: #566, #731, #795

Version 1.10.1 (13 Apr 2019)

  • introduce per-request costing. See environment variables documentation for new variables COST_SOFT_LIMIT, COST_HARD_LIMIT, REQUEST_SLEEP, INITIAL_CONCURRENT, BANDWIDTH_UNIT_COST. Sessions are placed in groups with which they share some of their costs. Prior cost is remembered across reconnects.

  • require aiorpcX 0.13.5 for better concurrency handling

  • require clients use protocol 1.4 or higher

  • handle transaction.get_merkle requests more efficiently (ghost43)

  • Windows support (sancoder)

  • peers improvements (ghost43)

  • report mempool and block sizes in logs

  • electrumx_rpc: timeout raised to 30s, fix session request counts

  • other tweaks and improvements by Bjorge Dijkstra, ghost43, peleion,

  • coin additions / updates: ECA (Jenova7), ECCoin (smogm), GXX (DEVCØN), BZX (2INFINITY), DeepOnion (Liam Alford), CivX / EXOS (turcol)

Version 1.10.0 (15 Mar 2019)

  • extra countermeasures to limit BTC phishing effectiveness (ghost43)

  • peers: mark blacklisted peers bad; force retry blacklisted peers (ghost43)

  • coin additions / updates: Monacoin (wakiyamap), Sparks (Mircea Rila), ColossusXT, Polis, MNPCoin, Zcoin, GINCoin (cronos), Grosetlcoin (gruve-p), Dash (konez2k), Bitsend (David), Ravencoin (standard-error), Onixcoin (Jose Estevez), SnowGem

  • coin removals: Gobyte, Moneci (cronos)

  • minor tweaks by d42

  • issues fixed #660 - unclean shutdowns during initial sync

Version 1.9.5 (08 Feb 2019)

  • server blacklist logic (ecdsa)

  • require aiorpcX 0.10.4

  • remove dead wallet code

  • fix #727 - not listing same peer twice

Version 1.9.4 (07 Feb 2019)

  • require aiorpcX 0.10.3

  • fix #713

Version 1.9.3 (05 Feb 2019)

  • ignore potential sybil peers

  • coin additions / updates: BitcoinCashABC (cculianu), Monacoin (wakiyamap)

Version 1.9.2 (03 Feb 2019)

  • restore protocol version 1.2 and send a warning for old BTC Electrum clients that they need to upgrade. This is an attempt to protect users of old versions of Electrum from the ongoing phishing attacks

  • increase default MAX_SEND for AuxPow Chains. Truncate AuxPow for block heights covered by a checkpoint. (jeremyrand)

  • coin additions / updates: NMC (jeremyrand), Dash (zebra-lucky), PeerCoin (peerchemist), BCH testnet (Mark Lundeberg), Unitus (ChekaZ)

  • tighter RPC param checking (ghost43)

Version 1.9.1 (11 Jan 2019)

Version 1.9.0 (10 Jan 2019)

  • minimum protocol version is now 1.4

  • coin additions / updates: BitcoinSV, SmartCash (rc125), NIX (phamels), Minexcoin (joesixpack), BitcoinABC (mblunderburg), Dash (zebra-lucky), BitcoinABCRegtest (ezegom), AXE (slowdive), NOR (flo071), BitcoinPlus (bushsolo), Myriadcoin (cryptapus), Trezarcoin (ChekaZ), Bitcoin Diamond (John Shine),

  • close #554, #653, #655

  • other minor tweaks (Michael Schmoock, Michael Taborsky)

Neil Booth